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Sponsorhip SalesCorporations spend millions of dollars on event sponsorships. Unfortunately, many event producers don’t have a clue about how to approach a potential sponsor, prepare the information needed, and persuade a sponsor to join them in the project or event. Why hire Sponsorships Unlimited as a consultant? Because we’ve been there and done that. We prevent you from making all those trail and error mistakes that are costly on time, resources, and money.

We will help to position your event. We will work with your team to provide relevant, critical content you can bank on to determine and meet your goals. Areas of subject matter include:

  • Trends
  • Ideas
  • Tools
  • Solutions
  • Who’s Doing What
  • What Works and Why
  • Increased involvement with community organizations
  • Grassroots marketing endeavors
  • Hiring and staffing street teams
  • Methods to increase event attendance
  • Build relationships with peers in the industry
  • Develop plans to meet or exceed your event goals
  • Work closely with the team to ensure desired results
  • Develop and select collateral materials for your event
  • Media placement expenditures, budget, and timeline
  • Public relations platforms – how you want to be perceived by the public

Sponsorships Unlimited can be retained by your company for consulting services that may be needed for your event or project. We have a vested interest in bringing value and your money’s worth for every client who requests our consulting services. We embrace the responsibility to aggressively listen to our clients (regardless of size or potential) and take the initiative in responding to the needs of each client. A retainer fee is a fixed amount of money that a client agrees to pay, in advance, to secure the services of a consultant or freelancer. The fee is typically not associated with the success of a project; it is more based on achieving particular results and the time warranted to get specific results. A retainer fee is often paid on an ongoing basis, typically monthly. It’s like hiring someone with a flat fee to help your business without putting them on the payroll. It’s as simple as that, but perhaps the hardest to grasp. SU points out what you need from building your proposal, pricing your proposal on its promotional value, and anything else associated with your event you need. Sponsorship solicitation is a
profession, and SU knows what motivates sponsors that most event organizers fail
to grasp.

Reality Check

To see if your organization is ready for sponsorship, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Think about your organization’s dynamics. Do you have a established marketing team in place who can help you make the effort?
  2. Does your organization have contacts with the media, PR Firms, website designers, social media experts, graphic designers to implement the planning and launch for an event?
  3. What do you know about your event’s demographics? Is there recent information about who participates and why? Where do your customers live? How far would they drive to your event? Are they families with children, empty-nesters, teens? Do you know who you are trying to reach?
  4. Have you worked with sponsors before?
  5. Are other organizations similar to yours getting sponsorships successfully and you aren’t?
  6. Do you have a Press Kit? Do you even know what one is?
  7. Is there an entrepreneurial spirit in your organization about events, or is this just something the “boss” wants to happen? Are new ideas welcomed, and do they receive thoughtful consideration? Or, will your boss nix the event should it not succeed the first year (note: it takes approximately 7 years for an event to hit it’s stide)

If your answer is no to the majority of these questions, you could benefit from SU’s consulting services to guide you through the changes that will need to take place within the organization, and the steps to having a successful event.

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