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Sponsorship SalesSponsorships Unlimited provides services for those in the sponsorship industry. We help businesses, organizations, and brands connect with their audience in meaningful ways. For event organizers, we find the sponsors. For brands and event marketing companies who are looking for events to sponsor, we find the events that best fit your criteria.

For Event Organizers

Sponsorship sales have become a significant revenue stream for events. Management of the sponsorship segment of events is a job all on its own and is rarely given the time and attention needed. SU will basically work with the sponsorship package that your event has to offer, identify the types of companies you would like as sponsors, and sell your packages for you. If you don’t have a sponsorship package, leave all the work to us! We can help you put the right package together. We know what works!

Sponsorship acquisition is what we do. We are well versed in dealing with top level executives responsible for deciding when and where they will spend their sponsorship dollars.

SU provides expertise with these areas of the sponsorship process:

  • Develop a sponsorship program and timeline
  • Create proposals that get noticed
  • Get to the decision makers for sponsorship as efficiently as possible
  • Negotiate the deal that results in a win-win for all parties involved

By working with SU, we will save you time so you and your staff can devote energy to other important aspects of your event. By working with a specialized agency like SU, we will increase the integrity of your event by offering the power of a professional sales force. Additionally, with our national data base, we give your event a broader reach in connecting with potential sponsors all over the country.

Many clients require more than a sales force such as consulting about event production, staffing, marketing, and more. For more on consulting services, go to the consulting tab at the top of this webpage.

Vans Sponsorship ECSCFor Brands and Event Marketing Companies

SU has a relationship with the most well known experiential and event marketing companies in North America. With the knowledge and experience with the variety of events and venues in Southeast Virginia, we can analyze and provide all types of sponsorship opportunities for your brand or tour. We can help you select the right events to associate your brand(s) with, because of a neutral and unbiased position.

If your company or brand has a specific message you are trying to convey to target a specific demographic, we will find the best event to satisfy your marketing criteria, budget, and tour dates. Rest assured you have someone on your side looking out for your best interests. Because we live here, we’re able to identify which events can yield the highest return and are the best for your brand identity.

When you work with SU, you also benefit from the best rates for sponsorships since we have an existing relationship in the market and can negotiate the best deal. This collaboration will lead to a successful execution of the event you are sponsoring. Another benefit for choosing to work with SU is that once the deal is negotiated, SU attends the event on your behalf to insure your sponsorship runs smoothly and efficiently. We work with your field reps to make sure they are taken care of once they are on site. SU’s main objective is to make sure you are satisfied with the event and that you achieved the results you expected for that all important ROI.

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